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Words fails to express the unsurpassable beauty, leisure and brilliance with which this building excells all most all the training colleges of Rajasthan. Its fine style of construction engravings on stones, lofty walls, mosaic & marbel floor, most spacious halls, well ventilated rooms, open courtyard and above all its fine outward show, never fails to leave a lasting impression on the minds of the visitors. Though situated in the heart of the city, it is quite away of the din and bustle of the locality and within the easy reach of all. There are as a matter of fact, a couple of big halls 80*60 each, a spacious corridor for library and reading room; about 13 rooms fot the teaching of various subjects, and a large number of rooms that are utilized for the purpose of warden's residence, Principal's office, various stores and offices and science laboratories etc. in addition to this there is ample open space to serve the purpose of various fields and grounds for different games.

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